Kristen Bell is famous. She’s beautiful. She’s rich (at least, we kind of figure that based on the fact that she’s a movie and TV star). But she’s also a mom. And that’s where she goes from super-celeb to just like the rest of us. Recently, Bell posted a pic on Instagram that totally illustrated this point — in an all too familiar way. Check out how Bell’s IG post could have been any of ours.

Bell didn’t post a photo of herself all red carpet-ready, wearing a dress that costs more than most of us pay in mortgage for a month. Nope. She posted a pic of her floor.

Her floor? Yep. Her floor. And what was on her floor? Well, the same thing that you might see on your own floor. Toys, toys and more toys. Bell captioned her photo, “This is a picture of both the floor of my house and the interior of my brain. #momlife.” That sounds about right.

One mama commented, “Makes you wonder why we even bother with cute nice baskets” in response to the photo. Yeah, we’ve all pretty much been there — you spend time, effort and money stashing your kiddo’s stuff in cute little decorative baskets and bins only to have everything end up all over the floor.

Does your child’s playroom floor look like this? Share your total toy mess story in the comments below.