It’s not easy to have a famous mom—especially when she’s the starring voice of Disney’s much-anticipated Frozen 2.

Kristen Bell recently revealed that she dished the details of the upcoming blockbuster to her kiddos. During an interview on SiriusXM radio, the Frozen 2 star opened up about what happened after she gushed about the newest flick in the Frozen franchise to daughters, Lincoln and Delta.

When asked, “Did you have to tell your kids or your family, ‘You can not talk about this at school’?” Bell answered, “I told my kids everything. I was in the mood to be a cool mom.”

So how did Bell entice her kids to keep mum? The celeb mama told her daughters, “It’s very important you don’t tell anyone at school.” She also added, “They were excited and then it occurred to me that I was in breach of my contract and I’m thankful now that it’s out that I can no longer get sued by Disney, because I said to them it’s very important that you not tell anyone at school.”

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: SiriusXM via YouTube



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