It’s been 12 long years since Veronica Mars has graced the silver screen, and now we have the actress who played the rough around-the-edges amateur P.I.’s daughters to thank for the upcoming show’s revival. In a recent interview with Access, Kristen Bell shares the reason she took on the eight-part season of Veronica Mars set to debut later this month on Hulu.

Bell’s commitment to the show means time away from her kids, but she believes the time is spent creating a worthy hero. She tells Access, “You know what, now that I went back and reread the scripts and watched the show, I want my girls to have this character in their life.”

Unlike her first tour with the unlikely heroine, this time Bell is a mom which comes with sacrifices “I’m gonna miss a couple bedtimes for a couple months, because I want this character to exist in the world,” she says. “I want her to be a zeitgeist. I want girls to reference her, I want girls to feel like her.”

That being said, we thank Lincoln and Delta from the bottom of our hearts for sharing their mama with us. Veronica Mars, we can’t wait to catch up with you come July 26!

––Karly Wood

Feature photo: Veronica Mars via Instagram



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