Kristen Bell’s former Veronica Mars co-star Ryan Hansen has a new YouTube Red series. And what does Hansen’s show, Ryan Hansen Solves Crime on Television, have to do with Bell? Beyond that, what does it have to do with Bell and her turn as an animated super star character in the now-iconic movie Frozen? Take a look at Bell’s hilarious guest starring spot in this YouTube series.

So what’s this new series of Hansen’s all about anyway? Well, he plays himself. Oh, and he’s partnering with the LAPD. Umm, why would that happen? In this eight-episode comedy series, the police department is partnering with actors to solve crimes.

Yep, that’s right. Homicide detectives and actors. Working together — to solve crimes. You’ll have to watch all the way up to episode seven to catch a glimpse of Bell. The actress shows up dressed as Frozen’s Elsa. Of course, we all know (from the gazillion times our kiddos have watched the movie) that Bell actually voices the animated Anna. But, in this role, she gets to dress up as the other Frozen star.

Among some of the other totally laugh-worthy parts of Bell’s guest starring role is her reaction to a little girl who says, “Wait, so you aren’t actually Elsa?” The priceless punchline is something that you just have to see for yourself. Seriously.

And by the way, this parody is defiantly not for your pint-sized Anna and Elsa fans to watch.

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