If there’s one celeb mom you can count to always keep things real, it’s Kristen Bell. When you’re having a bad day, skip the wine and just hit up her Instagram page for a healthy dose of laughs and understanding. And her latest parenting post is no exception and will make you feel like she’s your totally understanding mom BFF.

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Bell’s post features a close-up shot of her make-up free face covered in Trader Joe’s stickers. Typed across the top of the photo it reads, “I am currently walking through the grocery store being assaulted by a toddler with stickers and not a single person is calling the police.” There is nothing more relatable than the struggle of making a grocery run with young kids. It’s practically an Olympic event.

Props to Bell for not only facing the challenge, but being willing to admit her defeat in the face of toddlers armed with stickers. Something as seemingly simple as buying groceries can feel like the hardest thing in the world when you’re trying to avoid meltdowns and messes, and manage to make it through the checkout line without buying your kid’s weight in candy.

How do you survive a trip to the grocery store with your tots in tow? Share your tips in the comments below.