Kristen Bell has repeatedly proven that she is the kind of mom you’d actually want to have in your mom-tribe, from her messy house to her on-point parenting tips. And her latest wisdom nugget is no exception.

Kristen Bell’s parenting hack is so simple you might already be doing it without even realizing that it’s an important stress-busting move. The star of Bad Moms Christmas recently sat down with Us Weekly and shared the game-changing tip. “We tag team. We switch kids all the time,” Bell explained. When she’s reached the limits of her patience the mom of two switches off tots with her husband, Dax Shepard.

“If I’m talking to the 2-and-a-half-year-old and I’m done, I’ll just be like, ‘We’ve got to switch. I don’t want to talk to this kid anymore.’ It’s not about perfection, but it is about being thoughtful and not reactive. So in order to not be reactive, we switch kids a lot.”

Bell explained that the move is not so much a special trick as it is just an unspoken understanding between the two. When she’s had enough she isn’t afraid to tell her partner that she needs a mom break and he’s there to tag in when needed.

Do you think it’s important to take a breather when you feel like you’ve reached your breaking point? Share your thoughts in the comments below.