Even with an epidural, labor and delivery isn’t exactly easy. So if you have plans to go med-free or you want one more idea for your pain-fighting arsenal, this hair-themed hack from Fox Valley Birth and Baby may come in ‘handy’!

When Fox Valley Birth and Baby, a doula, lactation, photography and videography service, shared a recent post, plenty of mamas-to-be took notice. The post includes a genius childbirth idea that’s not exactly well known.

The post starts off with, “Did you know a comb can be used during labor?! And no its not for your hair.” So why hold a comb during labor? The caption continues, “When gripped in your hands, a comb can help hit acupuncture points in your hands.”

If you’re looking for specifics, Fix Valley Birth and Baby suggests holding the comb so that it hits the base of your hand near the palm. And here’s the big question—does the comb hack really work? Judging by the comments, the answer is yes. One commenter even said she uses this trick when she gets tattooed!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Deborahmiller56 via Pixabay



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