How much does your kiddo looooooove Sesame Street? If Elmo is everything to him or Bert and Ernie are his besties, we’ve got some major news for you. The Land of Nod is introducing a brand-new Sesame Street line, and it’s coming in January 2018. So before you fill you child’s room with new Christmas bedding, check out what 2018 has in store. And obviously, you child does not want pillows and sheets from Santa. Well…maybe if they feature the oh-so fabulous Cookie Monster.

Sesame Street is so much more than a tickle-loving toy or gigantic talking bird. It’s an American institution. And one that probably helped you learn you’re A,B,C’s and 1,2,3’s. Whether your little one watches an endless loop of the show or has a room that’s filled with the toys (or, more likely, both), he or she is going to freak over Sesame Street for Nod.

The new line promises to be a showstopper. At least, when it comes to what your child thinks. With absolutely adorable designs that will fit right in with the rest of your child’s colorful room décor, this is a partnership not to miss. Seriously.

Who is your child’s favorite Sesame Street character? Tell us in the comments below.