Clear vision is definitely an important quality when you’re an educator, but having a corrective procedure like LASIK completed might not be feasible on a teacher’s salary. LASIKPlus wants to help teachers by offering them a discount on their services.

Laser vision correction provides the chance to eliminate or reduce dependence on glasses or contacts and it can be life-changing for many. When you take advantage of the Public Service Personnel discount, you can save up to 20 percent off services! So how does it work?

photo: Plush Design Studio via Unsplash

Public Service Personnel includes firefighters, police, EMT, paramedics, doctors, nurses, military personnel, and teachers. Those who qualify must provide valid proof of employment or service at their appointment to receive the discount. When making an appointment, be sure to check that your local LASIKPlus location offers the discount.

With over 50 locations in 28 states across the country finding a local LASIKPlus for a consultation is easy. Teachers can find their closest vision center and learn more about the procedure here.

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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