Motherhood can be a demanding job, so there is stuff you can easily forget. Don’t worry, it happens to us all! If you just realized that Halloween is less than a month away, that’s fine. You still have plenty of time to run to the store, shop online or craft a Halloween costume at home, in less than two hours. 

Even if you’re not a DIY master, being creative is a big part of a parent’s job and sometimes putting your artistic skills to work can be extremely rewarding. Not to mention all the time spent bonding with your kid and also, the money you’ll be saving. And you might even be surprised by how satisfying the final result can be.

Here are some tips & tricks for getting your kid’s costume ready (on time, of course!) for Halloween and some fast, last-minute, but yet adorable ideas you can whip right now using the stuff you already have. 

How to DIY a Halloween Look for Kids

Pulling together a homemade costume isn’t rocket science and with a little help and inspiration, you’ll do a great job. Here are some top tips & tricks on how to improvise an amazing kids’ costume:  

Reuse Your Kid’s Old Clothes

We all have clothes we don’t wear anymore, but for some reason, we just continue to keep them in the back of the closet. Put your kids’ old stuff to good use and find some interesting pieces that you think might have potential. Here are some examples:

  • A plaid shirt: a cowboy costume
  • A black dress: Audrey Hepburn’s look or witch dress up
  • A white robe: doctor or chef costume
  • Old trench coat: Sherlock Holmes dress up
  • Black pants, a hat & sunglasses: private detective look

Keep an open mind and soon the ideas will start showing! Take a closet tour and pick some stuff you think can use. Mix and match the pieces with some accessories you already have around the house and see what happens. Hocus Pocus!

Look through your own closet too, and if you find a piece you like, but it’s too big for your little one, don’t put it away just yet. With a sewing kit, you can transform any piece into a Halloween costume

Use Face Painting

So you’re done crafting your kid’s costume, but something doesn’t feel right. Maybe it has no sparkle, maybe isn’t catchy enough. Don’t worry, you can use some face painting to polish the look you’re trying to obtain. Most kids just love face painting, so probably your kid is going to be very excited about this part.

Put your mom skills to work and find an easy model you can make by using your own make-up products. This is the budget-friendly option because you don’t have to invest a penny. But if you know that your little one has sensitive skin or just don’t want to risk causing a rash, getting a special face painting kit for kids is your to-go alternative.

Get Accessories

If you want a last-minute solution for your kid’s costume, but you just can’t spend extra time on crafting the whole costume at home, here’s a helpful solution: buy cheap accessories for the costume. Accessorizing a regular outfit is not only easy & cheap, but also the result can be quite impressive.

  • Ready for some Sherlock Holmes adventures? Find a black trench coat and accessorize it with a regular hat & sunglasses for a private detective dress up.
  • With a large black hat, your little one’s witch costume is basically done!
  • For a police officer costume, you can buy a helmet and some handcuffs and accessorize an old suit.

Here’s a list of accessories that might inspire you:

  • pilot or chef caps
  • astronaut helmet
  • doctor stethoscope
  • tote bags with pumpkins for the candies
  • pilot gloves

Last-Minute and Budget-Friendly Halloween Ideas

Here are some simple Halloween outfit ideas you can use for extra inspiration:

  • Ninja costume: black pants & sweatshirt, an extra black T-shirt for the mask and red ribbons
  • Wednesday Addams: white shirt & black skirt, pale skin, and 2 braids
  • Witch costume: black dress, a big black hat and a black coat. A broom will complete the look and don’t forget the face painting!
  • Cowboy costume: Plaid shirt, jeans, cowboy boots, a hat and some rope for a lasso; 2 braids for girls
  • Don Draper costume: a black or gray costume, a trench coat & a hat, a fake cigar and a bottle of whiskey (filled with tea!).

Now you are ready to conquer Halloween with your little one! Get ready for this year’s trick or treat adventure and make sure your kid gets all the candies! Remember to mix & match for an amazing costume and let your creativity loose.

What last-minute costume ideas will you try this year?