Take a well-deserved break from your hectic day and check out these moms’ parody of “Havana.” The Laughing Moms have brought us pop parodies galore, featuring Top 40 tunes from Meghan Trainor, Adele, Ed Sheeran and so many more. This time they’re making minivan magic with a Camilla Cabello fave.

Any mama who’s ever given up their single gal ride for a kid-carting minivan totally gets this laugh-til-you-cry parody pick. With lyrics like, “Half of my heart rides in the van now” and, “I knew on the test drive, it made me feel so alive,” you just can’t help but to giggle.

But wait. What about those of us who aren’t mini van mamas? The Laughing Moms tackle that in their YouTube clip. As one of the moms sings, “And I am here to tell you that I ain’t no grandma-mama,” followed by her rad ride—an SUV. That’s where the video breaks into an all out minivan vs. SUV dance battle—yes, a full-on choreographed, flaming baton dance battle!

Whether you’re Team Minivan or Team SUV, this is a video you absolutely need to see!

—Erica Loop



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