After an unusual school year (to say the least!) summer can’t come soon enough. And now, more than ever, parents are leaning on educational apps to tackle learning loss, aka the “summer + COVID slide.” Lingokids, an awesome playlearning™ app for children, recently released The State of Pandemic Learning: Sliding into Summer 2021, a report which surveyed parents of children ages 2-8. The data revealed some important stats:

  • 86% of parents believe their child has missed out on learning certain skills this school year
  • 85% reported that their child experienced distance or hybrid learning this year
  • 91% reported supplementing learning at home
  • 68% said they rely often on early learning apps
Any of this sound familiar? If you’re looking for safe screen time to keep kids for learning this summer, Lingokids will set your little ones up for a successful transition back to school in the fall, while having a ton of fun! Here’s how:

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It's More Than Learning… It's Playlearning™

From digging sandcastles to dreaming up whimsical games, kids naturally learn from play.
Lingokids’ playlearning™ method provides fresh digital experiences that make learning full of adventure and fun. When using the app, kids are more motivated, engaged, imaginative, and hold their concentration longer. Content helps kids discover a crucial set of skills that Lingokids refers to as the “4C’s”—communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity. They’re encouraged to ask questions and find solutions, work together to achieve goals, and share their ideas with others.

The Content Is Top Quality

The app features almost 700 learning activities and songs developed by leading educational experts, as well as content in collaboration with Oxford University Press. Activities are designed to reinforce concepts already learned, introduce new topics, offer engaging ways to practice emerging skills and provide an outlet for creativity. They’re continuously developing new STEM games to help kids grasp math and science, too. There are no ads to contend with or distracting pop-up banners. Fun fact: The adorable characters were developed by the creator of the show Pocoyo!

It’s Screen Time You’ll Feel Good About

Newsflash: sometimes parents have things to do without their kids, amirite? Whether you’re catching up on work emails or that tackling your to-do list, parents have more peace of mind when their kids spend time building skills on this learning app, compared to other screen time options. Better yet, Lingokids’ mission is to break down educational barriers and create equal opportunities for all children. The company supports and collaborates with NGOs and global foundations like Save the Children, UNICEF, UNHCR and American Red Cross.

Get a seven-day free trial of the Lingokids app here!

Parents Can Be Part of the Adventures

While the kid-friendly navigation lets children easily play independently, the app encourages parents and children to learn together. Not only is this a great bonding experience, but your kids will be proud to show you what they’re up to. You can also enjoy their podcast, LingoListen, as well as the YouTube channel full of fun chants, songs and videos.  

Check Progress in the Portal

When you sign up for Lingokids, you’ll have access to a portal displaying your child’s progress. Read through with weekly reports, curriculum overviews, an activity timeline, and helpful advice from the Parents Community.

Ready to give it a try? You can snag a seven-day free trial of the Lingokids app here!