You’ve likely heard of ol’ Nessie, the famous serpent of Loch Ness, Scotland. But what about those creepy cryptids of more local lore? Read on for the story of 3 serpents that may be lurking in a large body of water somewhere near you.
champ of lake champlain photo: Don Shall via flickr

Champ of Lake Champlain, Vermont/New York
Known affectionately as Champ or Champie by the locals, sightings of “record” date back to pre-contact Iroquois. In 1609 Samual de Champlain (after whom the lake is named) mentioned the creature in an early chronicle of the area. Towns around Lake Champlain sport Champ on their businesses, playgrounds and one town, Port Henry, New York, even celebrates Champ Day every August.

Mishipashoo of Lake Superior
Sometimes Mishipishu or Mishipizheu among other spellings the Ojibway word for Great Water Lynx or Great Water Cat” which is depicted as a beast with a spiked tail. Mishipishu is often blamed for water-related accidents from shipwrecks to canoe tipping. Near Presque Isle locals lay claim to Pressie, the sea serpent that lives nearby.

Willatuk of Lake Washington, Seattle
Seattle’s own version of a sea monster is said to live deep in the waters of Lake Washington and is the subject of several books and even a 2012 feature films. The Wonkatilla, native to the region, worshipped the giant aquatic beast claiming it saved lives. They dubbed it Willatuk. Sightings continue today.

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