If you think that the massive brick Millennium Falcon that your child (and by your child, we mean you) built was crazy-fab, you have to see this LEGO baseball field. Steven Schapansky’s “Clutchers Field” is so beyond extra that a simple description won’t do it justice. And maybe that’s why Schapansky’s Twitter pics of the stadium’s renovations are going viral.

Schapansky initially built this completely cool LEGO creation a few years ago. With detail beyond compare, Clutchers Field is more than just a simple structure. The original version had fans holding ice cream, a press box and so, soooooo much more.

As if Clutchers Field wasn’t amazing enough, Schapansky recently renovated the ballpark, adding a train stop under the left-field grandstand, a glass wall, a press box-broadcast booth combo, a row of private suites and even bathrooms (because LEGO people have to go too?).

Like the real deal, this LEGO baseball park also has safety netting behind home plate, a double decker grandstand and a fan deck. Oh, and the little LEGO fans can hang out on the deck, grab a slice of pizza and watch the game.

Yes, your kiddo’s LEGO bricked-out building might be pint-sized perfection. But this scale-sized ballpark is a can’t miss creation!

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Efraimstochter via Pixabay


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