Now you can take your kiddo’s fascination with those playful plastic bricks and bring it into your home décor. This LEGO furniture by studio NINE is something to behold and LEGO lovers are pumped. The Italian design studio has done something that frankly, we’ve been waiting for some time now.

Instead of the crunchy (and perennially painful) feel of these plastic bricks under your feet, this new line allows kiddos to move their LEGO bricks off the floor and onto the furniture. The modular series of furniture is covered with textured studs, making it a perfect surface for pressing LEGO bricks on. With an awesome array of colors, Master Builders can incorporate these modular pieces into almost any design scheme.

If you’re thinking that this new line is only for playrooms, take another look. It has a sleek, contemporary style that’s totally compatible with your grown-up stuff. Who needs to buy expensive art when the littles can just decorate the textured pieces with their fave designs? Write words in LEGO bricks, make portraits, create pretty landscapes or let the kids go wild and piece together a totally abstract masterpiece.

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Design by: @nineassociati Project Name: Stüda
Manufactor: @mymoow ( #ninestuda #legobrick #afol #afolclub #legodesign #lego #legoarchitecture #afoldesign #brickart #legophotography #design #nineassociati #mymoow #makeyourmoow #corian #design #interiordesign #productdesign #legofurniture #legosculptures #bricksculturemagazine #brickculture #itlug #moma @themuseumofmodernart Stüda (the name is a mash-up of the STUD ironically "translated" in Swedish) was born to offer to the AFOL and their children, a modular system of furnishings textured with studs in full-scale, not
as a result of hacking, plug-in and DIY. A pure volume, made working the Corian by a CNC milling machine, with a continuous textured surface compatible with LEGO blocks, that thanks the bricks can constantly change shape and color over time.
The three dimensions of the modules and the different colors allow you to create endless combinations both freestanding and wall hanged.

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Oh, and don’t worry about storing all those LEGO bricks after your child is done playing. These units have plenty of space inside for that, too.

Does your child enjoy getting creative with LEGO bricks? Share their favorite building idea with us in the comments below.

—Erica Loop


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