Photo: LEGO

The thought of your little one connected on social media might be hair-raising, but LEGO is looking to change that. On Tuesday, LEGO launched a safe social network for kids called LEGO Life. Your munchkins can build LEGO creations, share it with friends in the form of photos, play LEGO quizzes, and participate in building challenges. It’s essentially like Instagram and Minecraft put together.

In order to keep this platform safe for kids, LEGO won’t ask for the child’s personal information or display any photographs of the child. When a child (or parent) signs up for the service, the app automatically suggests a username at random. No real names allowed. Also, the child’s profile picture will be of a custom avatar rather than a real photo.


Photo: LEGO

The comment sections will be heavily moderated through automated filters and employees filtering content. Kids can use prewritten responses or custom Lego emoji and stickers to interact with others. This is in an effort to prevent any form of bullying.


Photo: LEGO

LEGO Life is available to download as an app through Apple’s App Store and Google Play. LEGO plans to roll out its social network to the web soon.

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(H/T: CNN)