Fabulous! LEGO just dropped another epic set and it features five guys you know and love. The LEGO Queer Eye – The Fab 5 Loft set showcases the original loft from the first two seasons, with plenty of fantastic details.

Tan, Bobby, Antoni, Jonathan and Karamo have been transformed into some of the most stylish minifigs we’ve ever seen. Tan’s hair shimmers in silver, Karamo is rocking his signature baseball cap, Jonathan’s long mane is perfectly coiffed, Antoni features his classic bandana and Bobby is wearing one of his familiar printed button ups. Don’t forget Bruley the dog!

This set features 974 pieces and it’s packed with plenty of pieces you’ll recognize from the show. Look for the “STYLE, TASTE, CLASS” sign and the “Yaaas Queen” print in the kitchen. You’ll also find the guys’ tools of the trade: the kitchen island, the clothes rack, the couch and scrapbook, a salon area and a laptop plus ideas board. And of course, the TV to watch the transformations!

Finally, there’s an extra special touch with the inclusion of Kathi Dooley, one of the show’s most memorable characters. She’s Jonathan’s former high school teacher and she receives an emotional makeover on the show. The set includes before and after minifigures, plus a transformational chamber, to capture the spirit of the reveals.

You’ll be able to add this fabulous set to your collection on October 1. It retails for $100 on LEGO.com. As Jonathan says, “You’re strong, you’re a Kelly Clarkson song, you got this!”

—Sarah Shebek

All photos courtesy of LEGO



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