The Star Wars universe is expanding again. A brand new mobile game brings together every realm of Star Wars in brick form for the new LEGO Star Wars Battles.

If you’ve ever wondered if an Ewok could take on a Stormtrooper and win, you’ll finally have a chance to find out. The new LEGO Star Wars Battles allows players to pit characters from all corners and eras of the Star Wars galaxy in epic battles to see who comes out victorious.

Players can collect and upgrade characters which run the gamut from Darth Vader to Yoda. You can also collect vehicles, build LEGO towers and create an army––whether you choose to fight for the light or dark side is entirely up to you. The battle arenas will feature iconic Star Wars locations as well as some new, exotic destinations.

The game will feature over 40 collectible characters, each with their own unique battle abilities, like Luke Skywalker’s Force Push which tosses opponents aside.

LEGO Star Wars Battles will be available starting in 2020 for iOS and Android devices.

—Shahrzad Warkentin


Featured photo: Freestocks via Unsplash



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