It’s only the beginning of October, but you might already be suffering from Pumpkin Spice overload (if that’s even possible). Whether PSLs aren’t your thing or you’ve already had your fill, then keep your eyes and tastebuds peeled for the next big flavor trend: gingerbread spice.

Life Cereal might not exactly be the first name you imagine when you think trend-setter, but it has been a breakfast table staple for generations, so the company does know a thing or two about what people want. Apparently what cereal fans are looking for is a little holiday spice in their bowls. Instagram user Candyhunting recently offered a sneak peak of the limited edition cereal.

Two smiling gingerbread men making snow angels in a pile of flour add holiday cheer to the outside of box. And if it tastes anything like those staple holiday cookies, then it will definitely be snapped up quickly from store shelves. No word yet on when the cereal will be available, but considering how early pumpkin spice season started this year, it could be any moment.

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