So here’s the thing. I was writing a little post… um ok, a rather long post… on sensitive children and tapping into their deeper essence, while offering tools for awareness to them… and then my computer had an issue and needed to restart. The post was lost. Yeah, sometimes I’m bad at saving drafts. So, when I restarted and realizrealisedost was nowhere I was faced with two options. Go back and re-type, or chalk it up as Something telling me, the piece wasn’t working.

The piece wasn’t working. The ideas were there, the words were not. It’s been a bit of a week, with a son having some teeth issues and life being a little on the weird side. The writing spirits weren’t flowing and I knew it as I tried to plow on. When it crashed there was a sense of relief. Now I can write inspired from something right here, right now. Bloggers will tell you to plan a bit ahead. But most parents know, life is what happens between plans and that’s just the way it should be.

So, today, let’s talk about if something ain’t working, try a different angle. And if you can’t fix it, open up to a solution. It might have been just a blogpost, but really lately I’ve been consciously aware of how openness to life creates new opportunities in every direction and resistance, or pushing on something, is more prevalent than we think, and in the openness more examples are presenting themselves. But the more we focus, push, try and force something into existence, the more we are screaming to the universe “I NEED THIS NOW!”

And we all know how hard it is to give something to a whiny child. For some reason, when a child whines, we want to do the opposite to what they want. Well, the universe feels the same. In fact, because we are screaming we NEED this or that… that’s what the universe hears “NEED”. So that’s what the universe gives. We just keep on needing it. So, when things aren’t working, our spirit gets all cramped up and tries to send up a little nudge with the feeling of tension or stress. “stop,” she whispers “this isn’t the way.” As we push forward, oozing the work out of ourselves like toothpaste from the tube, spirit sighs, and whispers “I’ll wait over here. Where it feels good.” When we turn our attention from what’s giving us that hassle, when we stop the forcing, searching, stressing, worrying or simply needing, and focus instead on Openness, Spirit jumps up and says… “Now we can flow.” When we feel better and release, we can rely on “fairy help” as one FB group member called it.

The universal powers jump in behind us and say, “we’ve got you covered.” And because we’re not focused on Need… we’re focused on Openness, freedom and presence, We have an open window for solutions to flow in. So, where does this come in with parenting? Everywhere. From sleepless nights to breastfeeding issues. From children getting into trouble to a messy house.

To children taking parents for granted or teenagers worrying us sick. Truly, we push buttons of NEED all over the place. The minute we stop, the other penny drops and solutions become focused. We just have to remember it at each overwhelming time, each stressful moment. Pressure and stress are our spirit’s way of saying “I can’t go there.” Ironically the hardest part is the letting go. We are programmed to want to fix things and the more we want or try, the less we can. It’s in the space of letting go that in-spirit-ation strikes and we suddenly feel a pull to the right action. We struggle, flapping against the water as we feel ourselves sinking, but in the moment of floating and a bit of space, we are lifted and carried to shore. Or we find that we were drowning in about an inch of water and we can stand up with ease. Fairy help, universal flow, angels, Source. We can be problem focused or solution allowing.