Drips, drops, spills, splatters and splashes are par for the course when it comes to potty training—especially for boys. Thankfully, this light-up potty training target is here to help!

The Toddler Target teaches kids learning to use the toilet how to aim any time of day—or night. The battery-operated light illuminates the bowl, providing a marked target for your kiddo to hit. And just like that, no mess.

photo: Courtesy of Amazon

Not only does the projected light create a target for your tot, but it also doubles as a night light. That means older boys can aim and score a direct hit during night-time bathroom runs.

Don’t worry about the gizmo taking hours to set up or requiring a fancy installation. Just add the batteries, hook it over the side of the bowl—it’s adjustable and can fit onto most toilets—and you’re good to go, as it were.

You can find the Toddler Target on Amazon for $29.88.

—Erica Loop



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