What Little Girls Are Made Of

249We remember something silly that we did as kids; it involves permanent markers and our fingernails. Save your Little One from home-spun manicure madness by taking her to Lily’s. The salon is a dream come true for kids who love to be pampered with a capital P. Hair wraps, up-dos, temporary color, oh my! A mini-manicure at this princess-worthy boutique includes a ring and one nail art, and only costs $10.00.

For true little glamor queens, the only way to go is the Mom & Me package ($55.00), where you both sit on the castle-worthy couch, sip pink seltzer, and enjoy pedicures. Mom and daughter can also both get haircuts, color, chlorine treatments, deep conditioning, hair wraps, and up-dos.

While Lily’s is all about luxury, it’s not about making little girls into a mess of sparkles and too-mature makeup. The only makeup ever used here (as much as girls might beg to try out blue eyeshadow!) is clear lip gloss. The up-dos are pretty and sweet, with no glitter in sight.

For surefire birthday glee, check out Lily’s wildly popular party packages. Our favorite is “Tea time,” which includes up-dos, nail polish, awesome party favors and crafts, invites and thank you notes, a group photo, cupcakes, sparkling cider, and —of course! —a table set with real teacups and tiny sugar-dusted cookies. Girls are on their best manners as they sip away just like the little ladies they are.

Lily’s Pampering Salon & Party Boutique
1509 Queen Anne Ave. N.
Tuesday through Friday, 10:00 am —6:00 pm; Saturday, 10:00 am —5:00 pm