Everyone is excited about season two of The Mandalorian returning this week, even Stanley. The company behind the all-steel vacuum bottles America has grown to love and lean on has just launched a limited-edition collection with original artwork––and it won’t last long.

The Child-inspired Trigger-Action Travel Mug, Legendary Warrior Quencher and The Mandalorian-inspired Bottle were carefully considered and reflect natural elements from the show. You’ll be able to spot Mandalorian iconography and text written in Mando’a.

Each cup retail for $30 each and you can only find them at stanley1913.com, while supplies last.

The Child-Inspired Trigger-Action Travel Mug

This cup is all about The Child peeking and is made with double-wall vacuum insulation and a trigger-action, push-button lid for one-handed sipping. It keeps drinks hot for seven hours, cold for 10 hours and iced for 30 hours. 

The Legendary Warrior Quencher

This warrior cup comes with a mythosaur insignia and “Legendary Warrior” written in Mando’a. The three-position lid lets you rotate the collar and sip through the opening, with or without the reusable straw or remove the lid all together. It keeps drinks hot for five hours, cold for nine hours and iced for 40 hours. 

The Mandalorian-Inspired Bottle

The Mando-inspired bottle is double-walled and vacuum-insulated. It comes with an illustration of the Mandalorian’s helmet and the Mandalorian mantra on the side. It keeps drinks hot and cold for 15 hours and iced for up to two days. 

––Karly Wood

All photos: Courtesy of Stanley



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