Last year’s Sour Patch Kids Zombies have reawakened for the Halloween season and this time they’re easier to score.

The limited-edition Sour Patch Kids Zombies were available for purchase only at select 7-Eleven locations last year, but this Halloween fans of these sweet, sour gummy zombies are in luck. These tasty treats will be rolling out on store shelves across the country at retailers like Target and Walmart and even available online through Amazon.

Unlike the traditional mix of Sour Patch Kids, which feature a rainbow of colors, the zombies are a mix of just two flavors, purple grape and orange. The Sour Patch Kids Zombies come in individual packages and treat size bags perfect for handing out on Halloween.

You should be spotting these gummy zombies in stores soon as Halloween season is clearly already in full swing. They won’t last long though, so if you’re hoping to score some, grab them before they stumble away.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

All photos: Amazon



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