Kids can play a pivotal role in a lot of big life decisions and for one superstar, it meant taking on the role of a lifetime. In a recent interview The Lion King director Jon Favreau revealed that Beyoncé took on the part of Nala thanks to her kids.

While fans have gotten plenty of glimpses of the new remake of The Lion King in the latest trailer, one key character that remains elusive is Nala, who is voiced by Beyoncé. Her voice will not only fill a pivotal role as a character, but also as a singer and it’s all thanks to being a mom.

“I think that part of [her joining the film] is that she’s got young kids, part of it is that it’s a story that feels good for this phase of her life and her career, and she really likes the original very much. And then, of course, there are these wonderful musical numbers that she can be involved with, and my God… she really lives up to her reputation as far as the beauty of her voice and talent,” Favreau revealed about Beyoncé in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“Although her persona onstage is bigger than life, she’s very down to earth and is very much dedicated to having a life that is human-scale,” he added.

The Bey-hive doesn’t have much longer to wait for what is sure to be an incredible performance. The Lion King hits theaters Jul. 19, 2019.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Tyler Mitchell for Vogue, via Instagram



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