Ahh, Lip Smacker. They’re the geniuses behind Dr. Pepper lip balm. Oh, but that’s not all. The iconic lip balm maker is all about getting creative, and this time is no different. If you’re a Disney fanatic, or even just a Mickey and Minnie-lover, Lip Smacker has something new for you. Check out the rose gold awesomeness that is the Tsum Tsum Minnie!

photo: Lip Smacker

This Tsum Tsum Duo is actually more than just a rad rose gold Minnie. It comes complete with a gold Mickey too. And these luxe little lip balms are more than adorable. Minnie comes with a rhinestone adorned bow and Mickey is simply elegant in his glittering gold color.

Not only are the duo crazy adorable, but they also come in fab flavors. Lip Smacker is known for their out-there flavors that everyone can’t wait to get their hands (or rather, lips) on. The rose gold Minnie features a Strawberry Beignet flavor and the Gold Mickey is Whipped Pineapple Magic. Yes, whipped pineapple (umm, whatever that is).

As if a gold Mickey and rose gold Minnie weren’t enough for us, Lip Smacker has a whole line of Tsum Tsum cuteness. These include a Wicked Grape Ursula, Cruella Cruel Red Velvet, Maleficent Blackberry Magic, Elsa Icy Snow Queen, Mike Wazowski Monster Sundae, Sulley Cookies and Scream, Storm Trooper Ice Cream Clone and many more.

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