photo: Pixabay

The states with the greatest level of happiness all have one major thing in common: nature. A new poll has ranked the top ten happiest states in the country and the results show that the more access you have to nature, the happier you are.

Using data collected from a Gallup poll of 177,000 adults across the country, a new list of the happiest states in the nation has emerged, with Hawaii taking the top spot for the sixth time. The interviews asked participants about their lifestyle and then established a Well-Being Index based on views of social lives, finances, community, motivation and physical health.

Besides Hawaii, Colorado and Alaska also made repeat appearances on the list, which isn’t surprising considering how much access to the outdoors all three states provide. The high-ranking states all tend be in areas with vast natural areas.

The top ten happiest states are:

1. Hawaii

2. Alaska

3. South Dakota

4. Maine

5. Colorado

6. Vermont

7. Arizona

8. Montana

9. Minnesota

10. Texas

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