Imagine what it would feel like to meet Queen Elizabeth II in person. Now imagine what it would feel like if you were only nine years old. When one nine-year-old boy had the chance to meet the Queen his reaction was royally precious.

On a recent visit to The Thomas Coram Foundation for Children at the Foundling Hospital in London, the HRH Queen Elizabeth II had a meet-and-greet that didn’t go exactly as expected. When nine-year-old Nathan Grant was introduced to the monarch, he did pretty much what any other child would do—snuck down and crawled away.

Hey, meeting the Queen isn’t exactly a normal everyday activity, let alone for a star-stuck little boy. When Grant got his big opportunity, he nervously crawled away. Jokingly, the nine-year-old’s mom said, “That’s his version of a bow.” And the Queen’s reaction? Reportedly, she laughed at the cute comment and continued on with her meet-and-greet duties.

As Grant crawled away, the boy shouted, “Bye!”—much to the amusement of everyone else in the room. Now that’s one way to make a grand exit!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: The Royal Family via Instagram



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