Buying maxi-pads isn’t exactly any woman’s favorite activity. But it’s something that some of us, unless you’re all about the Diva Cup or some other sort of feminine collecting contraption, have to do. So when Sherrie Kimber went to the store to pick up a pack of pads, she wasn’t expecting her son to join in the…umm, the fun?

Writing on the Love What Matters Facebook page, Kimber admits that most people think she’s not the easily embarrassed type. But apparently this isn’t always the case. When Kimber went to the “lady aisle” (as she terms it) and grabbed her “lady stuff” she obliged when her son Carson asked to carry the package.

When the pair, with their pads, arrived at the check-out, Kimber asked her son to, “Please place it up here.” And he did. That is, he put the pads on the counter and offered a little speech to go along with the purchase.

Kimber’s post goes into Caron’s super-hilarious take on the pads, “He turned to the man behind him and said (as loud as he could) ‘These are MOMMY’S DIAPERS!’, then he proudly placed them on the checkout counter.” Oh, but that’s not all.

Carson went on to add, “Mommy, don’t pee in them, you pee in the potty!”

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