photo: VolvoTrucksUSA via YouTube

Three-year-old Joel Jovine loves trucks. So the kid was pretty much left speechless when he opened his front door one recent morning to see a 16-ton semi-truck sitting in a box on the curb outside his house.

“Whooooaaaaaa” screams the ecstatic tot. “Truck!”

“Open it!” says his mom.

Is this a toddler’s dream? Nope — it was all part of a Volvo publicity stunt which earned the auto-maker the first-ever Guiness World Record title for the “World’s Largest Unboxing.” The event was staged by Swedish advertising agency Forsman & Bodenfors as a way to drum up attention for the Volvo brand. The truck inside the box was Volvo’s new VNL 760 tractor-trailer.

“When we saw the film with the little kid unboxing a Spiderman battery-powered ride that has 218 million YouTube views, we said, ‘This is it! How can we do something as exciting?’” Magnus Koeck of Volvo Trucks North America told AdWeek.

The massive cardboard box, which measured 80 feet long and 14 feet wide, was based on actual toy package designs, including Volvo’s die-cast model truck boxes, the Adweek story said. Koeck said the setup crew worked the whole night to set the scene for the stunt, which was kept a secret to the truck-loving little boy.

“Joel was so excited when we surprised him with the truck that the cameraman had a hard time keeping up with him running around the box,” Koeck said.

Once the box’s front flap was opened, the video shows Joel climbing inside to explore the cabin and its sleeper car (stopping to sit in the driver’s seat, grab a drink out of the fridge and watch some TV while laying in the second-story bed). To officially “unbox” the massive vehicle, Joel got to sit in the passenger seat while a driver vroom-vrooms the big rig out of the box and down the street.

Click on the video below to see the whole thing unravel, err, unbox.

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