photo: fraintrain0 via Reddit

All Harry Potter fans will remember the moment they first cracked open those thick volumes and discovered the magical world of wizardry. One little girl is just diving into the books for the first time and her adorable thoughts will remind you of that special feeling you had reading them, too.

Reddit user fraintrain0 recently posted the too-cute image above of a first-time Potter reader’s handwritten question about the book and it swiftly caught fire with book fans on the site. As BuzzFeed reports, the note was written by 9-year-old Ellie Eschmann who has just started reading the iconic series for the first time. Her mother, Teresa, had shared the picture with her sister-in-law and eventually it found its way to Reddit, where users immediately fell in love with her tiny handwriting and felt nostalgic for their own first time reading the books.

Teresa Eschman explained to BuzzFeed that Ellie has written down dozens of these questions on tiny slips of paper as she makes her way through the first story. “In class, her teacher is trying to get them to wonder and question as they read. Sometimes the teacher has said to write things down,” Eschmann told BuzzFeed. “She decided to take this questioning very seriously and had a bundle of little pieces of white paper.” She explained that her daughter will roll up the slips of paper with questions like, “Is Harry going to do well at his first ‘qunndich’ match?” into tiny scrolls that she leaves on the book shelf next to the family’s collection of Harry Potter books.

It’s always exciting when you share something you love with your kids and get to experience the fun all over again through their eyes. “The books [she’s reading are] the books I read when the series first came out,” said Eschmann. “I remember wondering what Snape was up to also! It just made me smile to see her have that same experience, two decades later.”

What are some of your favorite childhood books that you’ve shared with your kids? Tell us in the comments below.