How did you react the first time you saw mild-mannered Bruce Banner totally Hulk out? When Irish Comedian Paddy Raff’s toddler daughter Clara saw the Marvel character go from regular guy to super-strong, her reaction was absolutely priceless.

In a recent tweet, Raff posted a cute clip of the two-year-old watching one of the Avengers flicks. As the little girl sits somewhat awestruck, she starts waving her fingering and saying, “No!” as the Hulk gets majorly destructive.

Along with the video, Raff added, “My two yr old daughter’s reaction to seeing the Hulk go bananas for the first time.” After seeing the clip, Mark Ruffalo (a.k.a. Bruce Banner) retweeted the video and added, “The secret way of stopping Dr. Banner from turning into the Hulk.”

Not only does Clara enjoy watching superheros on the screen, but the tot also seems to get a kick out of playing with big bro Ronan’s action figures. Raff also posted a pic of Clara lining the toys up to feed them breakfast!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Marvel Entertainment via YouTube



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