When kids earn a reward, they feel a sense of pride in their accomplishment––which is how one second grader clearly felt about the pink pencil she received for perfect attendance and why she was so upset when it was stolen.

In a video shared to Instagram, second grader Taylor explains to her mom the injustice she feels over her stolen pencil. “Yesterday, I put my pink perfect attendance pencil in the sharpen box. I’m the only who has the same type of those,” she explains. “I got it sharpened in the morning, but when I unpacked, I went to go get my pencil and guess what I saw? Nothing but yellow plain old pencils. I couldn’t find my perfect attendance pencil, which is the only pencil I turned in. So I had to take somebody else’s pencil because somebody, and I know who, stole my perfect attendance pencil.”

She goes on to explain exactly who the culprit is and how she tried to track down her pencil, which now seems to be lost for good. The entire video is utterly adorable and the internet can’t get enough of her passion.

Her mom tries to diffuse the situation by explaining that it’s just a pencil, but clearly it means so much more to her than that. It’s hard not to share her passion for getting that pencil back when she gives such a super serious, convincing argument. She was in Canada after all.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: David Pennington via Unsplash



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