Nothing like some rain to delay one of the biggest games of your life. Being kids, however, the young players in the Little League World Series didn’t let a little wet weather dampen their spirits. Instead they made the most of it with some mid-game mud play.

With all four of last Tuesday’s Little League World Series games suspended due to rain, players and fans decided to have some fun and take advantage of the break and the slippery hills behind the stadium.

The hillsides of Williamsport coupled with the downpour made for some amazing, natural slip-and-slides thanks to the mud. Kids of all ages and players on different teams lined up to make their way down the slides.

Kids aren’t the only ones who let loose and made their way down the muddy slopes. Even the adult coaches got in on the action.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: KeithJJ via Pixabay



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