What would happen if Cards Against Humanity and your parenting life met, teamed up and decided to created a brand-new game? Now you don’t have to imagine that what if’s!

Little Spoon recently announced the upcoming release of Is This Normal: The Game—and this is a can’t-miss for moms and dads in need of some giggly fun. The online parenting platform that launched three years ago is giving mamas and papas the chance to talk about the realities of their everyday lives in a totally supportive and unfiltered way.

photo courtesy of Little Spoon

Co-written by comedian Simon Holland, Is This Normal: The Game includes memes and images from some of the best-known influencers. The game also features IRL scenarios from real things the Little Spoon community members have faced as parents.

Holland said of the game, in a press release, “This was a no brainer collaboration with Little Spoon for me—my humor is rooted in all these insane realities parenting puts you through, and this game brings to light all of those never-prepared-for-this experiences we deal with and laugh about every day.”

Is This Normal: The Game ($24.99) goes on sale Thursday, Apr. 29. You can sign up for the waitlist at Little Spoon right here!

—Erica Loop



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