Littlebit Book Club

Littlebit Book Club was conceived by Stephanie and Jed Snyder, a married author/illustrator team that met while teaching at the same school. Stephanie, a new mom and former literacy teacher, began reading books to her newborn daughter, Lucy.  Tired of books about animals and objects, Stephanie grew determined to create books for babies, toddlers, and the parents who read to them, that would capture their day-to-day experiences while reinforcing language and literacy.

Littlebit Book Club books are about the ways babies, toddlers, and young children learn about the world. They are told from the point-of-view of the pint-sized protagonist, Lucy Littlebit.  Strolling! captures Lucy Littlebit’s view from her stroller as she explores her town with Mommy.  In Dining! A Lucy Littlebit Book, Lucy Littlebit, seated in her high chair, enjoys all of her favorite foods lovingly prepared by Daddy throughout the day.  The third book in the series – Cruising! A Lucy Littlebit Book portrays Lucy Littlebit’s perspectives from her car seat.

The Snyder family’s interests include bargain shopping, fantasy football, and toddler mischief.  They live in New Jersey, where they enjoy strolling, dining, and cruising down the shore. Learn more at LittlebitBookClub.com!


-from Stephanie Henderson Snyder, Littlebit Book Club
Online: https://www.littlebitbookclub.com