Santa’s list is getting long, and like every other holiday season, it includes a few must-have toys. Unlike Santa, you can’t build the super-hot toys of the year in your workshop. And that means relying on retailers such as Amazon, Target, Walmart or Toys”R”Us to buy them. Of course, the more popular a toy is rumored to be, the less likely it is that you’ll actually find it anywhere. And that’s exactly what’s happening with this year’s “toy of the moment” — the L.O.L. Surprise.


So what exactly is the L.O.L. Surprise? It’s the toy that keeps on giving. And it’s crazy-popular for the 2017 holiday season. If you haven’t seen the toy, it looks like a ball. Seriously. It’s a big ball. But that’s not all — far from it.

This is the ultimate in “unboxing” experiences. Your kiddo, like every other child, totally enjoys the thrill of opening up a gift. Well, the L.O.L. Surprise gives them opportunities galore to open and unwrap plenty of presents.

The sparkly sphere is filled with 50 surprises. Your child will get dolls, clothes, accessories, charms and other assorted “stuff.” With each layer that your child unwraps, they get new surprises. That is, new toys. And this can pretty much take forever.

If you’re wondering what the L.O.L. stands for, it isn’t laugh out loud. It’s Little Outrageous Little Surprise. Even though the “Big Surprise” version of this multi-layered toy retails for $69.99, you aren’t likely to find it for that price. The regular retailers, such as Toys”R”Us, Target and Walmart, are sold out of the toy. And that makes it even more popular.

You can take your chances on eBay or Amazon, paying a hefty mark-up (try double the price) or just cross your fingers and hope that the toy store shelves are restocked soon.

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