Complete with a nail painting station, fake mustache bar, and a vintage photo booth, designer and party planner mama Stacia pulled out all the stops to make her kids’ joint birthday party a super stylish event. Click through the sideshow to find out how she pulled off this part barbershop, part beauty shop party for her little dapper dan and glam gal.

A designer by trade, Stacia didn't have to look beyond her own backyard and garage in order to find the perfect party space for her daughter, Ava (turning 4), and her son, Ethan (turning 1), who were celebrating a joint birthday party. Using a red, white, and teal color scheme, Stacia recreated a beauty shop for Ava and her party guests, and an old school barbershop for her little man and his friends.

What vintage retro party would you throw for your kiddo’s next birthday?

— Scott Wardell

Special thanks to Stacia and her friend Megan Sanders for all the amazing photos

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