Little tree-huggers, take note: Earth Day is on Wednesday April 22, and there are loads of LA activities that will educate while you celebrate. From river cleanups to festivals, a party with Fairy Mother Earth and super blooming hikes, here are our 15 favorite ways to hop on the reduce/reuse/recycle (eco-friendly electric) bus.

Green Thumb Garden Classes in LA

You and your family can develop a green thumb together this spring. Bring Farm-to-Table cuisine a whole lot closer to home by starting a family garden. Whether you’re looking to teach your kids to “live off the land” or just want a few fresh strawberries for tonight’s shortcake, we found 5 local organizations will help your little gardener get started making their very own spring garden. Find out more about these ways to make your garden grow.

photo: Little Saplings

How will you honor our planet this year?  We’d love to know; meet us in the comment section below!

—Kim Orchen Cooper