Little tree-huggers, take note: Earth Day is on Wednesday April 22, and there are loads of LA activities that will educate while you celebrate. From river cleanups to festivals, a party with Fairy Mother Earth and super blooming hikes, here are our 15 favorite ways to hop on the reduce/reuse/recycle (eco-friendly electric) bus.

Eat Your Weeds!

Kids eat the darnedest things. Unfortunately, it’s often a mix of non-food and neon food-adjacent options that they select. If you want them to eat exotic and healthy, it’s time to teach your kids the art of foraging. LA is home 2 “wild food” experts who are happy to share their knowledge through classes, nature walks and workshops. It’s a great way to get your kids into nature—and eating some wild new green things. Read all about how you can learn to do some family foraging in LA.

photo: Erin Harris

How will you honor our planet this year?  We’d love to know; meet us in the comment section below!

—Kim Orchen Cooper