The holidays are approaching, and cabin fever is doomed to sink in soon. But with all of those holiday events and obligations, who has time to get away? You do! With these great ideas for day trips, overnights, and afternoons away from the house, you’ll be soon looking forward to the days when you have to stick close to home

1. Catalina Island is a great day or weekend getaway, fabulous for kids and grownups, plus it’s right in your backyard.

2. Mix up your museum experiences with the Skirball Cultural Center and get your squirly little ones out of the living room.

3. One word: Disneyland. Entering the gates of fun and imagination immediately transports you and your kiddos to a whole different world. It may seem daunting, but we’ve got the tips and tricks to make it a smooth experience.

4. And if you can’t escape the in-laws but need to get out of the house to save your (and your kids’) sanity? Check out these fun activities to do with grandma and grandpa.

5. Get up close and personal at any of these top petting zoos in your area. Your little ones won’t be able to stop talking about all of the animals!

6. For an afternoon (or several) out of the house, pack up lunch and head out for a picnic at any of these top picnic destinations.

7. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city with an overnight camping trip! Just a short drive and you’re sleeping underneath the stars.

8. If petting zoos are so last year, check out a family farm for the afternoon!

9. Molholland highway is a day of play waiting to happen.

10. Spend the day lounging around in a bookstore… or two, or three.

11. Wander around the La Brea Tarpits with your little ones, and oogle at creatures from the past!

12. Explore West Hollywood with our kids guide! There is a surprising amount of kids and family activities to check out.

13. Relive Historic LA with these top destinations. From hiking, to old ocean liners, to parks, and museums – LA’s history is an all day affair.

Where are your favorite places in Los Angeles for a fall staycation?

— Lauren Dupuis