Pondering Pan Asian food cravings? Take a trip by savoring cuisine influenced by countries like Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, and more. These exciting and exotically flavored Los Angeles favorites will undoubtedly expand your peewee’s palates and widen their culinary horizons. It’s easier than you think to introduce your kids to new and different types of foods featuring new twists on kiddy cuisine classics. You don’t want your kids to miss out on these amazing Pan Asian flavors so venture on out and start exploring together. It’s time to teach your little ones that meal time isn’t just tasty, it also takes you places!

Buddha’s Belly (pictured)
Are your little Buddha’s bellies rumbling? Fill them up at this acclaimed Pan Asian, feng shui designed foodie favorite. This kid-cessable restaurant makes families feel right at home in a casual yet, adult setting and offers a simple, delicious and affordable kids menu.  Your adventurous eaters will love their Pan Asian take on tried and true kids food staples, like their chicken udon noodle soup. Your kiddos will also love their tofu nuggets and you can’t go wrong with their chicken fried rice. You can also veer off the kiddy menu and find more delectable delights on the main menu,  try their chicken pot stickers or Peking duck confit tacos.

Take a seat on their outdoor patio or if you’re in a rush (when are you not these days) and the kids are making a fuss and grab a quick drink while you wait for takeout. Lucky for all, they now have restaurants in Santa Monica and Thousand Oaks.

West Los Angeles
7475 Beverly Boulevard,
Los Angeles, Ca.

Santa Monica
205 Broadway
Santa Monica, Ca.

Thousand Oaks
446 West Hillcrest Drive
Thousand Oaks, Ca.
Online: bbfood.com

Singapore’s Banana Leaf
This local, family run Farmer’s Market favorite serves up classic family recipes, adjacent to the ever popular shopping area The Grove. This one of a kind small stall restaurant delights eaters by making everything fresh to order and serving many of the meals on a banana leaf. So if you’re looking to find authentic Far Eastern food, this is the place. Kid tested favorites include the Roti paratha (grilled flatbread with dipping sauce) and beef or chicken satay skewers. Kids also love their fresh lime-aid drink, and for dessert try one of their fruity flavored crushed ice bowls. The Farmers Market is located at the northeast corner of 3rd Street and Fairfax Avenue.

6333 West Third Street, Stall #122
Los Angeles, Ca.
Online: farmersmarketla.com

Rock Sugar (Pan Asian Kitchen)
This eclectic, ornate, and lively restaurant is the perfect place to take your kiddos after shopping at the Century City Mall. Families love that many of the dishes are served family-style which can make things easier for you and your kiddy crew. Choose from dishes like their crispy samosas, chicken and beef skewers, chicken pot stickers, Vietnamese short rib sandwiches, chicken pho, stir fry and ginger fried rice. Don’t miss Rock Sugar’s onsite bakery and stock up on sweets for your sweeties. Try the warm coconut doughnuts or their signature Rock Sugar Cheesecake when available.

Insider tip: Rock sugar also offers a delivery to your car service and carry out, a huge plus for parents with their hands full. If only every restaurant offered such a sublime service!

Century City Mall (facing Santa Monica Boulevard)
10250 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, Ca.
Online: rocksugarpanasiankitchen.com

— Jessica Jones

Photo credit: Buddha’s Belly website