You’ve probably heard tales of the milkman dropping fresh milkoff at your step. Think that’s a thing of the past? Not anymore. Milk and Eggs does just that with its grocery delivery service. The online shop brims with organic and all-natural options from local farmers and aggregators. Membership and delivery are both free and you can choose weekly or bi-weekly dropoffs.

In honor of this convenient service we are totally digging, below are five recipes that are healthy, delicious and easy-to-make. Scroll through the recipes and then head over to Milk and Eggs to get shopping.

The Green Goblin

It may sound scary but really, it's just scary delicious. Get your fruit and veggie fix anytime of day (we love it during breakfast or as a mid-morning snack) with this juice recipe packed with spinach. Click here for the full ingredient list and directions courtesy of Simple Green Smoothies. 

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