Trick-or-treating may be a no-go this Halloween, but decorating for the season is still A-OK! So if you’re looking for some spooky abodes to see from the safety of your car, here are 15 homes and neighborhoods that go all-out for Halloween. Warning: If you’ve got little ones, some of these yard haunts might be a little too scary (think: evil clowns and oversized grim reapers), so be sure to check them out online first.

Yard Haunts


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Holiday Fantasies Come to Life - Burbank

Winner of Burbank's best-decorated Halloween house several years in a row, this Burbank showstopper is a must-see. Unlike some of the other, more spooky spots on this list, the people behind "Holiday Fantasies Come to Life" (they do an equally impressive display for Christmas) aim to provide a fun experience for folks of all ages. Visitors can expect this year's display to be a bit scaled down—but reportedly "not by much." This year's theme is "Fantasmic!" and will feature handmade props, detailed decorations, some animatronic characters, a few Disney villains, and Mickey Mouse.

Where: 1505 N. Valley St.
When: Oct. 10th-Nov. 6


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Clybourn Manor - Burbank

Last year, this house debuted its Halloween yard haunt with a shipwrecked theme, a tribute to Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean. (After all, the homeowner works at Disney, and the house itself was previously owned by Roy Disney, Walt's brother, and his wife.) This year, we can't wait to see what they come up with! Yo, ho, yo, ho, a pirate's life for us!

Where: 4336 N. Clybourn Ave.
When: TBA


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Gothic Hills Cemetery - Sylmar

On any normal year, scare-seekers would head to Gothic Hills Cemetery to walk through its trademark spooky back yard maze. This year, organizers have decided to cancel the walk-through element and opt instead to upgrade its front yard display, which will be up in all its ghost-riddled glory all month long.
Note: The drive-through event is free, but organizers ask that you bring a non-perishable food item or pet supply for their food bank and animal shelter donation box! 
Where:  13796 Marchant Ave.
When: Nightly through Oct. 31


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BCR: A Place to Scare - Burbank

If you'd rather see an all-out performance than spooky scenery, head to this drive-through haunted attraction staffed by volunteers of BCR: A Place to Grow, a local Community Center that serves individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. From the safety of your car, you'll be led from stage to stage through a series of six live performances. Sounds and audio will stream through your car's FM radio, and you'll have your windows up the whole time. A $20-per-car donation is suggested; all proceeds go back to the center.

Note: Drive-through experience only; no pedestrians or motorcycles allowed. 

Where: 230 Amherst Dr.
When: Oct. 16-17 & Oct. 23-24, 6-11p.m.; Oct. 18 & 25 (Sundays), 6-10p.m.


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Beware the Dark Realm - Santa Clarita

This popular Halloween home haunt is known for offering theme park quality mazes with extra-creepy decor. This year, organizers are doing an "immersive visual display" instead of a walk-through maze, but it promises to be as scary as ever—with live actors popping in and out of the sets, animatronic monsters, lifelike facades and dark, eerie corners. You can drive by and grab a glance, or walk along a path bordering the yard and view the display from the outskirts. Donations are encouraged and will be donated to Family Promise, a local nonprofit.

Note: This display is definitely too scary for little ones. Got older kids? Check out this Youtube video of the display to preview it before you go.

Where: 28621 Sugar Pine Wy.
Santa Clarita 

When: Fri. and Sat. nights through Oct. 31


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Hellizondo Haunt - Canoga Park 

This popular Simi Valley haunted house has a new location for 2020—and will be a yard display only (usually there's a walk-through element). The theme this year is the "Lost Spirits of the Bayou."
Where: 21024 Arminta St.
Canoga Park
When: Oct. 23-25 & Oct.30-31, 7-10p.m.

photo: Karen and Tom Bergstrom

Silver Shadows Cemetery - Rolling Hills

This is one of the few spots that will still offer a (modified) walk-through experience. Visitors will be advised to keep social distanced while they weave their way through this family-friendly yard display. Homeowner Karen Bergstrom says she and other participants will be masked and will not touch any candy that may be offered. The experience is designed to be suitable for all ages, with fog, color and light effects but nothing too scary.

Where: 24 Silver Saddle Lane
Rolling Hills
When: Oct. 31
Online: Silver Shadows on YouTube


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Rotten Apple 907 - Burbank

This private home Halloween attraction started as a child's birthday party and has grown to become a destination that has attracted thousands of visitors yearly. This year's yard display—which will have the look of Phantom Manor (the "Haunted Mansion" ride at Disneyland Paris)—is still under construction, but should be ready to scare passersby beginning October 23.  
Where: 907 N. California St.
When: Oct. 23-25 & Oct. 30-Nov. 1


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The Haunted Shack - Torrance

Organizers behind this South Bay Halloween home display promise that this year's yard display will be "Insta-worthy"— despite the fact that there will be no walk-through maze as in previous years. In lieu of trick-or-treating, visitors are asked to bring at least two non-perishable food items that will be donated to those in Torrance and Redondo Beach who are adversely affected by the pandemic. There will be a slot for donations located outside the yard.

Where: 5112 Maricopa St. 
When: TBA


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Circus of Nightmares - Burbank

As the name makes clear, this haunt is not for the faint of heart. Strap on your seatbelts to check out this scary display teeming with crazed clowns and other circus spookiness. Organizers promise to provide "extra scares" on weekend nights, so be forewarned.

Where: 113 S Brighton St.
When: Oct. 21-Oct. 31

Pierdell Fantasmagoria - North Hollywood

Created by a Hollywood special effects artist, the Pierdell Phantasmagoria showcases custom-made animatronics and close-up movie effects that have been spooking passersby for years. According to its Facebook page, this year's haunted yard display promises "all of the animatronic fun and visual 'wows' of previous years, just from a safe distance!"

Where: 6245 Whitsett Ave.
North Hollywood
When: Oct. 23-Nov. 2, 7-9:30 p.m.

The Witch's House - Beverly Hills

Even if fewer 90210-ers decorate their homes this year, Beverly Hills will always be home to the famous Spadena House, a.k.a. the “Beverly Hills Witch's House.” The fabled Tudor-style house was built in 1920 as a set for silent films, including Hansel and Gretel. With its steepled brown rooftops, exposed stone and ramshackle shutters, it doesn't need decorations; it's Halloween-ready.   

Where: 516 Walden Dr.
Beverly Hills

Halloween Hoods


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It's no wonder so many homes on our list are located here; With its proximity to Disney, Warner Brothers and Universal Studios, Burbank has whole neighborhoods full of industry professionals. So go ahead: Pin all the above Burbank haunts on your GPS map, then spend an hour or two cruising around wow-ing at the high-tech set designs.  

Where: The area around Mariposa and Valleyheart


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Toluca Lake

Similar to Burbank, this nearby neighborhood is home to plenty of industry folks who show off their skills with larger-than-life sets and tons of spooky touches. This year may not be as big as years' past, but it still promises some destination-worthy touches. (Psst... While you're there, check out Bob Hope's former abode at Ledge Ave. and Moorpark St.).
Where: South of Riverside, East of Cahuenga


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Hancock Park

This neighborhood is known for its over-the-top decorations, and normally, the area draws busloads of trick-or-treaters. This year, with trick-or-treating discouraged, it'll be eye candy only—but hardcore Halloween folks are sure to keep their homes spookified.   

Where: North of Wilshire Blvd.

Venice Canals

Historically, this four-block area is has gone all out for Halloween with pumpkins and twinkle lights strung along the canals and even some of the boats sporting ghoulish displays. The narrow walkways may make social distancing difficult, so if you want to explore the area, we recommend going during the week when it's likely to be less crowded. 

–Christina Montoya Fiedler & Melissa Heckscher


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