LA is loaded with iconic spots from the Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel to the Hollywood Sign in the hills, but they’re are easy to see. LA is also filled with unique, must-see attractions that are little more off the beaten path. Read on to discover 10 wacky, one-of-a-kind, silly sights your family of intrepid explorers will only find in the City of Angels.

Chicken Boy

This 22-foot tall half-man, half-chicken, began his life as an installation above Broadway Avenue in the 1960s, once stood proudly above the deep-fried chicken restaurant in Downtown LA that gave him his name. Today he gazes down, to the delight of passers-by, from the rooftop of Future Studio Design & Gallery on Figueroa Street in Highland Park.

5558 N Figueroa St.
Highland Park

photo: Augusta S. via Yelp

What are some of your family’s favorite unique, silly sights in LA? Share any we missed in the comments!

—Shahrzad Warkentin