Many “family” vacations are actually “kid vacations” – not to say you don’t enjoy Legoland or a Disney Cruise, but you enjoy it because the kids are happy, not because you like being on a boat with a big mouse.  So when we found the family vacation where the whole family can  participate in and adore every single activity, we were thrilled.  Meet your family vacation for the next dozen years or so – The Alisal Guest Ranch.  Click through our flipbook to see why it’s our pick for family vacation of the year.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil…

You know how we mentioned the lack of smog? Well, once you become acclimated to actual oxygen, your senses become heightened. Your city kids begin to pick up on nature. The scent of lilac wafts through the air from the bushes planted everywhere. As night falls, you begin to smell the wood burning fireplaces (yes, the one you’ll play games and read in front of tonight – there are no TV’s or phones in the rooms to distract you from family time). The clean scent of horses is always in the background. You hear birds chirping everywhere you go. Borrow an Audubon book from the library to find out who resides on your roof. Bring a book of constellations – those city slicker babies never knew there were so many stars in the sky, and constellation hunting, hands wrapped around a cup of cocoa, is a great evening pastime. If you’re worried about the lack of TV, they show a family movie every evening, and there’s a big screen TV in the Library for grownups, as well.

The Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort
1054 Alisal Rd.
Solvang, Ca 93463
Phone: (800) 4-ALISAL

Let’s talk vacations–what’s the last true family vacation you went on? Do you think that your kids would love the Alisal Ranch as much as we do? Tell us below!

All images courtesy of Meghan Rose