Many “family” vacations are actually “kid vacations” – not to say you don’t enjoy Legoland or a Disney Cruise, but you enjoy it because the kids are happy, not because you like being on a boat with a big mouse.  So when we found the family vacation where the whole family can  participate in and adore every single activity, we were thrilled.  Meet your family vacation for the next dozen years or so – The Alisal Guest Ranch.  Click through our flipbook to see why it’s our pick for family vacation of the year.

Perhaps You’re In a Huck Finn Mood

At the lake you can relax and lounge, hike, or take lessons in air rifle or archery. You can also take a boat ride (peddle, sail or row) or just sit on the end of the long dock and fish. Never fished? No problem! Once again, helpful experts are waiting to help you bait the hooks, cast the line, and even release the fish you’ve caught. While you wait for a nibble, it’s easy to get distracted by the deer bounding, eagles soaring, heron fishing and woodpeckers, well, pecking.

The Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort
1054 Alisal Rd.
Solvang, Ca 93463
Phone: (800) 4-ALISAL

Let’s talk vacations–what’s the last true family vacation you went on? Do you think that your kids would love the Alisal Ranch as much as we do? Tell us below!

All images courtesy of Meghan Rose