Between the traffic on the 405 and the extraordinarily long waitlists for preschool, we’re all a little mad here in LA, but this city is also a wonderland. Celebrate Mad Hatter Day on October 6 with things that will make your kids feel like Alice!  Read on to discover which awesome spots will make you feel like you just stepped through the looking glass.

One Side Will Make You Grow Smaller…

Between the enormous animal balloons and the oversized table and chairs you'll definitely feel like Alice after she took a nibble of a cookie marked "Eat Me" with a visit to The Broad. The topsy-turvy fun doesn't stop there, the museum is full of colorful whimsy and the Infinity Room will definitely send you on a trip, no hooka-smoking caterpillars needed.

The Broad
221 S Grand Ave.

photo: Peter Alfred Hess via Creative Commons

What are your favorite places to go a little mad in LA? Share any we missed in the comments.

—Shahrzad Warkentin