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If your kiddo’s Paw Patrol or My Little Pony craze was any indication, they’re fast growing up to be animal-obsessed. Whether you need to cover spring break (it’s around the corner!) or are ready to get your summer booked, Annenberg PetSpace Kids Camp has an ideal one-week experience at the ready. Little animal lovers between the ages of 9 and 12 will adore the line-up of daily themes, educational games and activities and, of course, animal encounters. Read on to learn how campers and animals can bond a little more each day.

Monday: Meet the Pets & the Vets

Because Annenberg PetSpace is an animal adoption center, campers will get a behind-the-scenes look at the PetSpace Health Center. They’ll also meet adoptable animals as well as those that get to call this special place home. For any budding Veterinarian, there is no greater exposure than seeing this important work up close. (The center’s giant digital touchscreen wall and two-story slide by the PetPorch are pretty cool too!)

Tuesday: Teach Good Behavior

As your household may well know, pet responsibility is making sure Scout is happy, healthy—and well behaved. Whether or not campers have pets at home, they will learn training techniques and fun games that encourage good behavior. And a job well done deserves a treat – campers get to prepare healthy snacks for the adoptable pets.

Wednesday: Makeover the Mutts

Next up is the Styling Station and Groom Room to learn about professional pet grooming and the importance of hygiene. Once the adoptable pets are ready for their close-ups, campers will help take their photos. Who knows? Maybe a family out there will see a sweet pup and consider adopting!

Thursday: Learn What It Takes to Keep Pets Healthy

What’s good for pets and people alike? Exercise! Campers will learn about overall wellness for dogs, cats and other critters, too. There’s even an underwater treadmill for innovative treatments like aquatherapy. Mental agility matters too, and campers will love the animal robotics craft in the afternoon.

Friday: Celebrate with the Whole Pack

After a week of fun, parents and guardians are invited to a commencement ceremony for campers to share all they’ve learned from stepping out of the classroom and into a space dedicated to animals.

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— Jennifer Massoni Pardini

all photos courtesy of Annenberg PetSpace