Anyone who’s ever loved an animal knows just how special the bond between person and pet can be. The long walks in the park, the endless games of fetch and the sweet, curled-up cuddles after a long day make up some of life’s best memories for both people and their pets.  

If you have an animal lover in your family, you’ll be thrilled to hear about the work that Annenberg PetSpace is doing across Southern California. Annenberg PetSpace is focused on the benefits that animals and people receive from loving and caring for each other and is a unique community space that includes an education center, a leadership institute, and, best of all for people who are looking to add a new (four-legged) family member, an adoption center. 

Annenberg PetSpace is open to the public and committed to fostering a love of animals in the next generation. On a visit, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in a Pet Encounter with an adoptable animal, explore the Critter Corner and enjoy a behind-the-scenes view of how pets are received and prepared for adoption. Interested in adding to your family? Annenberg PetSpace lets you schedule an appointment for a meet-and-greet with a potential pet and gives the option to take them home the same day!


If you’re interested in adding someone special to your family, check out these friendly pets who are currently living at Annenberg PetSpace as they wait for their forever home:


Heidi is two years old and 62 lbs of bouncy, full-of-life fun. With her perky ears and soft tan and black fur, she’s a picture-perfect pup who’s looking for a family to call her own. Heidi can be shy when she meets new people for the first time but loves to play and cuddle once she’s gotten to know you!


Zorro is the perfect mid-sized pup for an experienced pet parent who’s ready to build a loving, trusting relationship with a dog who has lots of love to give! Zorro had a leg injury, received surgery and is working hard to regain his strength in physical therapy. At just two years old, this playful guy is ready for a lifetime full of love!


Clifford might not be quite as big or quite as red as the Big Red Dog, but he’s got a heart just as sweet and can’t wait to be a part of a family! Clifford can be a little nervous meeting new people (who isn’t?), but it doesn’t take much to get his tail wagging.

Cheesy Mac

Cheesy Mac is a laid-back kitty who likes things quiet and relaxed, but who gets playful quickly when someone brings out his favorite toys. Cheesy Mac is looking for a home where he can snuggle up and relax in calm and tranquility with a helpful human there to make sure he gets all the snuggles he needs!


Sadie is a four-year-old pup who is ready for a loving, trusting family. She's timid and takes a little while to trust people, but once you get to know this 76-pound doggo she's sure to be a furever friend. 

If your family is looking for a new pet and wants to explore options other than dogs or cats, a visit to the Annenberg PetSpace Critter Corner is a must-do! The Critter Corner, home to a variety of small animals, is designed to help potential families learn about all the pet options available to them and determine what sort of animal might be the best fit for their family! 

With a playful box turtle, a California kingsnake, a cockatiel, a domestic rabbit, a guinea pig, a hamster and a leopard gecko, the Annenberg PetSpace Critter Corner has something for everyone. As you move through the Critter Corner you’ll have a chance to learn about what sort of care each animal needs, what makes them feel happy and fulfilled and what you’ll need to do if you want to bring one into their home. 

This summer, whether your family is on the lookout for a new pet or not, an afternoon spent at the Annenberg PetSpace is an afternoon well spent!